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Why We Recycle

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Why do we recycle? Recycling has a huge role to play in keeping our environment clean and extended the life cycle of our precious resources. The importance of recycling is only set to increase as sustainability becomes one of the biggest  read more

Raw Metal Corp Continues To Grow

Thursday, May 26, 2016
With some stabilising in global prices, we have seen increased volume in the scrap recycling market. Raw Metal Corp has experienced rising volumes in both recycling and exporting as a result, particularly with Asian countries back in the read more
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We Offer the Best Prices for Scrap Metal in Brisbane

Raw Metal Corp
Raw Metal Corp is a privately owned family business, and with over 25 years experience in the scrap metal, recycling and wrecking industry, has developed a solid reputation.

Raw Metal Corp facilitates the collection and processing of scrap metal to supply Brisbane and international businesses with end-of-life metals to produce new products. Through our expertise we have become leading scrap metal (including aluminium) recyclers and dealers in Brisbane. We buy and sell a wide range of scrap metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, and are able to provide our domestic, commercial, and international customers with fair and competitive pricing. Before recycling your scrap metal, we weigh it onsite - from this weight we determine a competitive, market rate price.

Scrap and metal recycling is important for the protection of Australia’s environment. Raw Metal Corp is committed
to environmental sustainability, and along with our customers, we strive to conserve our country’s most valuable
resources by the recovery of scrap metal.

Scrap metal is a major component of litter, comprising of 17.5% of litter collected across Australia. This is why scrap stainless steel metal recycling yards and companies, and local scrap metal merchants in Brisbane, are so important for our environment. Without scrap and metal recycling, litter in Australia would be much higher.
We offer competitive pricing for your scrap metal to ensure metal recycling in Brisbane continues, and that these
valuable resources are being reused. Facilitating a simple process, we provide bins and can also pick up, remove,
or destroy your scrap metal on site.

We ensure all Government Regulatory requirements are met to operate as steel merchants/recyclers who
sell scrap metal in Brisbane. This includes EPA approval for containment of batteries.

If you are looking for somewhere to sell scrap metal, wondering how to sell local scrap metal to buyers in Brisbane’s southside, or are after more information in regards to who buys scrap metal, contact Raw Metal Corp.
Next time you ask yourself ‘where are the best recycling yards and buyers in Brisbane?’ think of the scrap metal recyclers with a reputation you can trust: Raw Metal Corp.

For international, national or Brisbane-based metal recycling, contact us today.

Metals We Buy

  • aluminium cans

    Aluminium Cans

  • brass


  • catalytic converters

    Catalytic Converters

  • cooper


  • electric motors

    Electric Motors

  • end of life vehicles

    End of Life Vehicles

  • gass bottles

    Gass Bottles

  • general steel

    General Steel

  • lead batteries

    Lead Batteries

  • light guage steel

    Light Gauge Steel

  • radiators


  • scrap


  • stainless steel

    Stainless Steel

  • wheels


  • white goods

    White Goods

Call us on

1300 RAW METAL  - That's 1300_729_638

We arrange pick ups, drop a bin to your premises, or take deliveries at our gate.

Members of

  • Bureau of International recycling
  • Institute of Scrap Recyclers
  • WRIQ