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Raw Meta Corp provides collection services in Brisbane to ensure customers can dispose of their scrap metal as quickly and easily as possible. With the pickup, removal and destruction of scrap metal on site, you’ll save time and money.

What’s more, we offer cash for the metal scrap you provide to Raw Metal Corp.

With the correct certification and best scrap steel prices in Brisbane, Raw Metal Corp is the most lucrative way to dispose of your unwanted ferrous and non-­‐ferrous metals. When selling a scrap car or other metal scrap for cash, you will have the opportunity to claim the metal on insurance when using a certified organisation such as us at Raw Metal Corp.

We will provide a Certificate of Destruction that will, where applicable, ensure insurance is claimable. The certificate also guarantees that the metal goods are destroyed ethically to ensure they do not end up back in circulation; this means when
you receive cash for steel, or other metal to undergo recycling, you won’t be harming the environment. Given that 17.5% of litter across Australia is scrap metal, recycling these valuable resources is vital.

Raw Metal Corp also provides metal weighing onsite and offers a fair, competitive cash price for scrap metal and steel pick up in Brisbane. Additionally, the payment of money for scrap metal will be pre-­‐discussed and with a method that best suits you.

If you are trying to find where to take scrap metal for cash, consider Raw Metal Corp: we buy scrap metal and scrap steel at the best prices. For the pick up and recycle of scrap metal for cash, contact Raw Metal Corp.

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