Scrap Recycling for Aluminium in Brisbane

Raw Metal Corp buy a wide range of metals. This includes one of the most widely used non-ferrous metals: aluminium.

Aluminium scrap is excellent for recycling in our Brisbane-­‐based business. This is because it is able to be completely recycled without losing any if its natural qualities.

Additionally, the recycling process for aluminium only requires five per cent of the energy used to produce aluminium, making the procedure environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Aluminium is common in our modern society and is found in a range of products. This includes many cars, buildings, beverage cans and electronics. For collection and disposal of aluminium, Raw Metal Corp provides a range of bins that can be used by the public, governments, or businesses.

If you choose to sell to Raw Metal Corp, we will purchase your aluminium at a competitive rate, with honest, on-site weighting. For your convenience, if you are selling a large amount of aluminium, Raw Metal Corp can also pick up the scrap metal from your location.

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