Brisbane Scrap Copper

Part of Raw Metal Corp’s service includes buying copper. As a core component in countless materials, it is a sought after commodity for those working in the recycling and wrecking industries.

Copper is 100 per cent recyclable, which is why it’s such a waste to dump this valuable resource in landfill or for it to end up as litter. Copper can be recycled again and again without affecting the quality of the end product, making the recycling process both environmentally friendly and valuable to the industry.

Raw Metal Corp understands that both our buyers and sellers want the best price for metal. This is why we weigh all scrap metal on site and offer fair and competitive prices to both our buyers and sellers.

Copper is a common component of electrical generators, vehicle radiators, home heating systems and electrical goods.

Many of these items, plus a wide range of others, can be sold for the metal they contain. When choosing an organisation to sell your copper to, it is important to ensure they hold the right certification. This ensures that any applicable insurance can be claimed and the metal will be correctly recycled. Along with this certification, Raw Metal Corp offers personalised customer service and competitive scrap copper prices in Brisbane.

We offer buying services for individuals to large organisations.

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